Saturday, November 17, 2012

Breaking Dawn 2 is Kick Ass Awesome!

Man can I assure you, not one Twilight fan will be disappointed. The best of the franchise by far-- unexpectedly a heart-thumping experience. And best of all, it really did made me feel a total sense of completion.

I've watched Twilight since day one, and it's so great to see how much the story and action has progressed up to this point. I think a book-to-movie adaptation is a good one if it not only catches the essence of the book but also makes it a much richer experience, and maybe even add something new to it. Nothing but total respect for director Bill Codon and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg for making Breaking Dawn 2 the best it could possibly be-- by making it much more exciting, but not straying too much from the original manuscript.

Introducing the New Vampires
Even from the books, I felt that Breaking Dawn was a cut above the rest, mainly because you get to meet all these new vampire characters with amazing abilities. And even in the short span of time that you get to meet them, you already feel their very defined personalities, making them very lovable characters in their own right.

Now I don't know about you guys, but I particularly felt two of our newer vampires stood out as a bit more lovable then the rest. The first was of course Benjamin, the vampire from the Egyptian coven with the power over elements. Rami Malek really did a great job portraying his character as this free-spirited and righteous person. And the scenes with him handling the elements were simply magical. 

Now the next vampire I liked was Garrett, quite the charmer and casanova. I really liked that look in his eyes whenever he looks at Kate, they really were meant to be together. :) "If we live through this, I'll follow you anywhere, woman."

Renesmee was also quite the joy to watch, she wasn't as annoying or as attached to Jacob as I made her out to be in the book. She was just there quietly and knowingly observing. Mackenzie Foy was the perfect cast for this role, I think she's a lot like Renesmee in real life and she really does look like a hybrid of Kristen and Robert, don't you think so?    

Story Progression
Now critics would say that the first part of the movie comes off as a bit slow, and I agree. That's all part of what's in the book (and you don't want to anger the fans). There's Bella getting used to being a new vampire, getting Charlie to warm up to the idea, Bella getting hot and heavy with Edward, the story of the immortal children, Renesmee slowly growing up, gathering vampires from the world over....that's all part of the story. And all that becomes worth it as it leads up to the grand finale in this movie. And when you finally see it, it's like wow, just wow. I've read the books, but MAN did I not expect that.

I have said this before, but I really like the movies better than the books. I just felt like they conveyed much more than the books even in fewer scenes and words. I'm just glad that they didn't feel the need to get everything the way it was written in the book. You have to remember that books and movies are two different things, and you can't expect something that works in the book to translate well in a movie.   

*spoilers ahead*
Now that I think about it, in the book, Aro backed out because he saw that they were evenly matched. They weren't used to fighting with such numbers and in a way 'foresaw' that they would suffer severe casualties if the fight did happen. They just added that bit about Alice with her nifty little ability of actually letting us all see what it would be like. Man, I have to say that was ingenious. I didn't see it, but I'm glad I didn't. And it made Alice's ability to see the future all the more enthralling to Aro.
It even made the part about J. Jenks make sense. I mean, we got to see what Alice saw. And from her vision, she saw that a fight will ensue and that Jacob and Renesmee had to be able to run away. Even Alice didn't know what Aro would decide after he saw the future. I have to say, they had me going there for a second. I mean *gasp* Carlisle actually dies! an alternate reality XD

All in all, it was well worth the wait. The casting was perfect, the cinematography was top notch, and the fight scenes were downright kick ass. I couldn't have asked for a better execution to end the Twilight saga, so I give this flick a well deserved 90%.

90% - Highly entertaining with uber story-line. Awesome! Repeatable!

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