Wednesday, December 19, 2012

To Watch is to Believe

Movement. Wow. Up and above the sleigh, in and out of pillows and windows, from rooftop to rooftop, popping up chimneys, swooping down rabbit holes... if they ever make a Dreamworks park with a Rise of the Guardians ride, I'm down for it! Besides the top notch animation, the visuals were a delight. I would definitely recommend watching it in 3D or IMAX. I can't even imagine the effort they put into making every bit of this film come to life!

In any case, I think I was sprinkled with some happy snow dust since I was stupidly smiling after. Definitely a movie that would make you wish you were a kid again. Magical, magical times... I could almost remember waiting for Santa every Christmas eve. I never did catch him, elusive fat fellow that he is, but there would always be presents waiting for me when I wake up. And now I know how Santa does it, with his big curious eyes of wonder and Yeti helpers. 

Jack: I always though the elves made the toys.
North: We just let them believe that. (Looks to elves playing with Christmas lights) Very nice... Keep up good work! 

So there's North, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Sandman... but who has ever heard of Jack Frost?
Legend has it, he’s behind that feeling you get when a cold kiss of air nips at your nose, when a blast of cool wind transforms a window into a drawing board, or the pure joy of when a school day becomes a snow day.
Sure Jack's all about the fun things during the winter weather, but is that all there is to him? Who is he really and why must he continue to walk earth unnoticed by people? He tells himself that he doesn't need the recognition, but deep inside, he really does want attention, even just a little bit.

Then comes Pitch, the Boogeyman, who, like Jack,  is also tired of being invisible... but they actually couldn't be more different. Pitch Black doesn't just want to be believed in, he wants to be feared. So now he is set on a rampage, slowly turning children's dreams into nightmares they can't get away from even when they wake up.

But when there is a force threatening the children's happiness the world over, it is up to the Guardians to make sure they are safe.There's North aka Santa Claus, who holds a tough persona and is not just a big jolly fellow with a fat belly. I mean, he's Russian and has Naughty/Nice tattoos! Next comes Bunnymund aka The Easter Bunny, who is definitely not the gentle hopping bunny you usually see in fairy tales. He really is a tough cookie for someone who gives away bright colored eggs for Easter. Then comes Tooth aka The Tooth Fairy, who is more than what meets the eye. Takes no prisoners! And who would have thought that she not only protects teeth but also memories? Next we have Sandy aka The Sandman, and one thing's for sure, he sure packs a punch for someone who looks so cuddly and doesn't talk very much.

But wait just a sec, why is the moon sending some weird spotlight signal on an image of Jack Frost? That could only mean one thing... but Jack Frost, a Guardian?  Just who in his right mi-, I mean, who is Jack exactly then and why did the man in the moon choose him?

...Well, you would just have to go out and see Rise of the Guardians to find out! And remember, that even if there is just one person who believes, then their legend and what they stand for will continue to live on. We may have forgotten how it once was, but hopefully this movie can remind us all of that magical feeling of simply believing.

P.S. Check out their youtube channel, it's highly amusing :)

90% - Highly entertaining with uber story-line. touching! awesome! repeatable!

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