Friday, December 21, 2012

Just the Movie for the End of the World

In celebration of the end of the world (12/21/12), I thought it would be fitting to watch Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. What better way to end it all than just kicking back with some popcorn and watching a movie?

Truth be told, I've never given much thought on what I'd do if the world did end today.  Maybe I'd do all the things society wouldn't normally let me do. Go on a road trip with complete strangers, get so wasted in a party and wake up somewhere else entirely, get high until you see bright lights, have completely no inhibitions, and just end up doing whatever the heck you want-- and all those other stuff that looks like so much fun when it's done by rock stars. But yeah... I don't think I'd like to have absolutely no recollection of supposedly the last best days of my life (^_^;).

With further meditation, I think it's simple what I'd like to do on my last days. I would like to hop on the back of a truck with a bunch of kids my age to wherever the night sky takes us (and if we always went right we'll go left this time). You might think I could easily do this now, but you see, the idea is that there will be no need anymore to worry about time or being on time-- not for curfew, school, work, deadlines, or anything else. No more plans or anything to restrict you from just hopping on board without a second thought. Then we'll play Here's to the Night on the stereo...

So the year is 2012, and the world would end in about 21 days, what would you do? Well Dodge's wife actually needed that push to have the courage to break up years and years of marriage. Now Dodge (Steve Carell) is left with all that misery in the worst possible time-- the world was coming to an end and he had no one to spend it with! It's a good thing that chances are he isn't the only lonely person in the planet at this time-- and that was when he met Penny (Keira Knightley) crying outside his window.

So they hitch a ride with a suicidal guy, was kissed by total strangers, got locked up in jail, broke into a house, talked to family, left a note, passed time at the beach, played the harmonica, and flew on a jet plane. They were seeking and seeking unknowing that they have already found themselves in each other all along, talk about cliche but hey if it works right?

Anyways, don't be fooled by the trailer, this film is more drama than anything else. I guess it did fit the tone of an incoming apocalypse. Also, the film was kinda slow halfway through, but if you're able to get past that then you might just finish a  pretty decent movie.

Penny: I really thought we'd save each other.
Dodge: We did.

Funny thing is, I don't think I would have picked this film up if the sun and planets didn't aline to be what would be the end of world.Well, I told you what I'd like my apocalypse to be like, but I think it won't be just that, and yeah, I think the movie had a hand in inspiring this idea into my head.

...So if I'd let my imagination go even further, maybe along the way I'll meet that guy who'd make it seem like it isn't such a waste to live up to only this point. Nothing more romantic than meeting the love of your life just before the end of the world ;) 

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