Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ruby Sparks Review: The Girl of your Dreams Come True

Ever written something you were so passionate about, that you wanted so much, that suddenly it just came true? Yeah I think not. But wouldn't that be out of this world? Calvin certainly thought so. 

You see, Calvin's this guy who made one best seller in high school and after 10 years he still has writer's block. Then one night he had a dream about this girl, and inspiration struck! He wrote and wrote and wrote about him and this girl, Ruby Sparks. Then just when he was to bring over his manuscript, there she was in his kitchen. Yep, he literally just met the girl of his dreams.

I think a lot of guys would just love this scenario. He actually made the girl of his dreams and he can actually make her do whatever he wants. But with great power comes a moral dilemna-- should he really? Well who's to say that's wrong? Everything Ruby is thus far have all come from his pen, or I mean magic typewriter, what's a few more finishing touches? What could possibly go wrong?

Well the thing you learn with watching too many movies is that you'll know the answer to that is everything, everything could go wrong. At first everything seems peach perfect, then everything would just bite you and backfire. And you just hate that as usual you're limited to simply telling the actors that that is not what you should write or do because let's face it, you're just part of the audience and can't really do anything about how the movie turns out.

As how the movie turns out, I'm not sure I was entirely pleased, but it was okay.  The beginning was good. They presented the guy and how he met the girl and the premise really well, it was all turning out to be really fun... but then it just got all mellow and dramatic. And I think, I think, the author went crazy at some point (you'll get what I mean when you actually watch it). I was like, you didn't have to make it that realistic.

But it still had other redeeming qualities, and even if the way it ended just created more questions than answers and didn't really answer anything like why where how, I think Calvin pretty much summed it up when he said this line: 
I know you hoped that by writing this I’d realize that it never happened…that I imagined her. But the thing is, I don’t need to make sense of this. I don’t care if there’s no good explanation. I need you to believe me anyway. Just take the leap. At least imagine how it could be true for me.
Now I was arguing with my some people about what an author would do if this actually did happen to them. They said that if a writer's book would come true, they'd be really scared. I was saying how it would be exactly the opposite, how the author would actually want to live in that world. Imagine how everything that was just once in your head would suddenly come to life and you'd be able to interact with your characters and see things for real this time.

Well one day I'd like to be able to write something like that, so lifelike and relatable that people would be telling me that  no way that really did happen because it seemed so real in my head and it was totally awesome, or that yeah that's gonna make one heck of a movie. And damn it, it's gonna happen.

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